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Your Rocky Point orthodontist offers Metal braces, the traditional option that’s common and available to both adults and teens. These are attached to the front of each of the patient’s individual tooth (called brackets) and are connected by a thin metal wire. This wire begins the slow shifting of your teeth into the preferred, straight position.

Appliances can either be glued to the front of your teeth (buccal appliances) or behind them (lingual appliances). The brackets can be either metal or ceramic and the lingual appliances are gold brackets.

The time of treatment will range from 9 months to 2 years, perhaps longer, depending on your personal treatment plan. Every patient has their own, unique smile, so it’s important to discuss this with your orthodontist, Dr. Miller! Call our office at (631) 744-8400 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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