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Is your dental anxiety impeding your ability to have healthy, beautiful teeth? You’re not alone–between 50 to 80 percent of adults in the U.S. have some form of dental anxiety. Fortunately, everyone can combat these anxieties and get the dental healthcare they need with the help of our Rocky Point orthodontist.

Keep reading to learn how to overcome your dental anxiety and gain the smile of your dreams with these three simple strategies!

Communicate With Your Orthodontist
Our first recommendation is to let our orthodontist know about your dental anxieties. We are experienced with patients with fears, and if we know about yours, we can make the process easier and help you feel more comfortable. There are ways we can make your time at our office far more relaxed, from conversations to potential services.

It’s also vital that you ask any questions that arise, as you’ll find that the more details about the procedures we recommend, the less anxious you’ll feel about them.

For instance, if you’re nervous about a root canal, you’ll soon find that this standard procedure has a high success rate, virtually no pain, and doesn’t take long to complete.

Utilize Distractions
Don’t be afraid to use distraction tools during your dental appointment! This can mean listening to music or a podcast while you’re getting your teeth cleaned or playing with a fidget toy to keep your hands busy.

Weighted blankets can be highly comforting–especially in a cold office. Lastly, you may have friends or family members who can accompany you during your dental appointment. You may find that this subtle support is invaluable in improving your experience.

Practicing Mindfulness
Lastly, meditation and breathing exercises are a great way to keep you grounded in the present and not lose yourself to your anxieties. You can focus on your breath, counting during every inhale and exhale till you get to 10, then starting over again.

Body scanning is also an effective form of meditation. Starting at the top of your head, gradually move your awareness down your body, relaxing each muscle as you go till you get to the bottoms of your feet.

Schedule an Appointment With Us Today
You’ll find that the best orthodontists are not only experienced, but we’ll also go above and beyond for their patients with dental anxieties. We’ll do our best to give you the before, during, and after details of any recommended procedures, and we are available to answer any of your questions.

Ready to schedule your appointment with a dental professional who cares? Contact our Rocky Point orthodontist today!

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