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Summer isn’t over just yet! We’ve got about a month left before September hits, when it’s time for kids to go back to school and adjust to a new schedule. But since you and your family have a few weeks left to enjoy some fun in the sun, take these helpful orthodontic tips to protect your smile and your braces while you’re finishing out the season with the help of our Rocky Point orthodontist.

When you’re out and about, situations will randomly pop up and you’ll need to freshen up and protect your smile. Check out these six must-haves to protect your teeth and braces when you’re on the move.

Thankfully, there’s almost no shortage of refreshing water! After eating your meals or enjoying an acidic beverage like soda, washing it down with a glass of water does wonders for your smile. By swishing around some water after eating or drinking, you’ll get rid of the loose food particles and traces of sugar from your drinks. If you’re not able to brush your teeth, this is a great option in the meantime.

You may not think having a toothbrush with no toothpaste on hand is very helpful, but it’s more beneficial than you realize! By doing a gentle scrub on your teeth and braces, as well as a water rinse, you’re still breaking down the harmful bacteria from your food and drinks.

Interproximal Brush
This handy tool is essential for braces! It’s small and very easy to pack along your other toiletries. This is used to get rid of food that’s stuck around your brackets, between your archwire and teeth, as well as in between your teeth. This brush breaks down plaque buildup, too! Countless patients find so many benefits from the interproximal toothbrush that they keep using them even after their orthodontic treatment.

Extra “Nice-to-Have” Items
If you have braces, it’s certainly helpful to carry around some orthodontic wax. If one of your brackets or wires rubs a sore spot on your gums, this wax quickly puts a stop to the irritation so you can go about your day! Also, some over-the-counter pain relievers are always helpful if your braces have just been tightened or are feeling uncomfortable.

Looking for other helpful tips, tricks, and advice to take care of your smile during the summer? Don’t hesitate to call our team today!

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