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Let your smile shine this summer with the help of Invisalign. We want you to stop hiding your smile and be confident in the way you look! With the help of Invisalign, our TOWN orthodontist straightens crooked teeth without having to deal with the pesky metal traditional braces that patients typically want to avoid when it comes to orthodontic care.

Invisalign is a wonderful way for patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the smile to achieve a more beautiful look. Invisalign works differently than traditional orthodontics. Instead of using metal brackets and wires glued to the teeth for repair, Invisalign utilizes clear aligner trays. An entire series of trays is made using digitized impressions of the dental arch. A special computer designs a number of trays to be worn by the patient to gradually improve the alignment. When patients comply with treatment and wear each tray for two weeks, they will have achieved their desired results at the end of their treatment plan. Most patients can expect their final results within a year in most cases.

Invisalign is great because it’s simple, easy-to-use, and reliable. The smile of your dreams is within reach without having to deal with major aesthetic changes like metal braces. Patients with mild to moderate misalignment can now improve their smile without the embarrassment of traditional orthodontia. During a consultation appointment with our team of professionals, patients learn about alternative options such as Invisalign for achieving better alignment of the dental arch and bite.

To learn more, call our office at (631) 744-8400 to schedule your consultation with our Rocky Point orthodontist. We’ll answer any and all questions you have and get you on the right track towards a brand new smile!

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