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Making the decision to treat your smile with orthodontic care means putting much more thought in how to take care of your teeth. During this treatment, it’s important to keep an eye on your wires and brackets, ensuring your smile is moving in the right direction–literally! Now that the holidays are here, it’s easy to get distracted by the whirlwind of friends and family, but our orthodontist in Rocky Point wants to make sure your braces are getting the best care possible.

The holidays are filled with our favorite delicious sweets and treats. From the sweets and candies throughout October to the hearty meals in November and December, there is no shortage of our amazing holiday foods and drinks. Unfortunately, accidents happen and something like a broken bracket may interrupt your time with your loved ones. Instead of ignoring it or putting it off until the holidays are over, we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible.

Why Shouldn’t I Wait?
There are countless reasons why you should call our office right away if you’ve experienced a broken bracket. As your Rocky Point orthodontist, we’re here to create a healthy smile, which means if there are any interruptions in your journey, we’ve got to know! Putting it off may cause an issue during your treatment, making the time with your braces longer than you’ve expected.

Not only may your treatment be interrupted, but you may be in pain! There is nothing worth sitting around and dealing with pain, especially if it can be treated. We don’t want you to spend your holidays in discomfort. It’s better to take the time to visit our office in order to correct the issue instead of living with it. You never know if it’ll get worse, so it’s better to let us know right away.

If you’re experiencing discomfort, we encourage you to ask us about the best essentials in your cabinet that will help out until you’re able to get to our office.

The most important step is communication! We can’t give you the smile you deserve without your help, so call our orthodontist in Rocky Point as soon as you find something has gone wrong, like a broken bracket. Reach out to our office if you’re experiencing a dental emergency and then you can quickly go back to enjoying the holidays!

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