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Getting braces is an adjustment and change for patients of all ages, so we’re here to give you the right information you need to be not only prepared, but comfortable for this smile transformation! We want the best for your oral health and misinformation may halt your progress for a healthier smile. That’s why our Rocky Point orthodontist is here to fight back against those horrible myths you may hear about orthodontic treatment, so you’ll feel safe and secure about your future smile.

Myth: Having Braces Will Make Speech Extremely Difficult
This is false! Of course, there will be a slight adjustment in your speech once your braces are put on, but any challenges you face will be temporary. The truth is that by straightening your teeth, we’re working to improve any speech issues you may have encountered in the past! Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws may cause speech issues and with the help of braces, we’re getting your smile back on track for overall improvement.

Myth: You Can’t Play Sports with Braces
Don’t believe the rumors! There are countless kids and adults who play sports during their orthodontic treatment. With the help of protective mouthguards, your teeth, wires, and brackets will be safe. Mouthguards are almost always a necessary for anyone playing a sport, whether you’re wearing braces or not, so be mindful of your smile when you’re active.

Myth: Braces are Far Too Painful
It’s just not true! There is no surprise that having braces will be an adjustment for patients of all ages. Our Rocky Point orthodontist will discuss this with you at length, including the slight discomfort you’ll feel once they’re placed, but at no point will the treatment be unbearably painful for anyone. On the days your wires are tightened, you’ll experience a bit of soreness which will go away quickly and you’ll be able to resume your daily routine. There are also numerous food options to choose from to help this discomfort during this short period of time.

Your smile deserves the best and orthodontic treatment is the next step, so don’t believe the myths! If you have any questions about the rumors you may have heard that haven’t been addressed above, don’t hesitate to call our Rocky Point orthodontist at (631) 744-8400 to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to answer all your questions to bring you comfort in knowing your smile is in good hands. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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