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Accidents happen. Thankfully, we’re professionals at fixing those silly accidents. It may seem torturous to discover that you have a broken bracket or another braces incident, especially if you’re in the middle of your daily routine. With our help, we’ll happily fix your braces so you can get back to your lifestyle. This is why it’s important to address these issues as soon as possible – ignoring a dental issue may put your smile at risk!

As the weather warms, you may be changing your diet and enjoying new seasonal foods and drinks. If something happens to your braces, you may want to simply brush it off and wait to give us a call at a later time. Sometimes, that later time continues to get pushed back further and further, but don’t wait! While things may seem fine, it’s always important to check with our Rocky Point orthodontist to ensure your incident can wait for your next appointment or if it’s an emergency.

We’re dedicated in creating a healthy, happy, and long-lasting smile. We’re here to work together with you to ensure this, so be sure to let us know if you’re experiencing any issues! While something may not necessarily be a big deal now can turn into a big issue later – this is one of the many occurrences that patients deal with when it comes to their dental health. The longer you wait, the worse it can get!

After your call to our office, be sure to stock up on helpful tools and instruments to protect your smile if you’re ever experiencing discomfort:
– Dental floss or water floss
– Interproximal brushes
– Orthodontic wax
– Over-the-counter pain relievers
– Topical anesthetic

At the end of the day, communication is key! We understand that it may be embarrassing to admit that an accident happened during your orthodontic treatment, but we’re all capable of mistakes. The great thing about working together is that we can fix it together.

To learn more about taking care of your braces at home, or if you want more suggestions on ways to protect your brackets and wires, give our Rocky Point orthodontist a call at (631) 744-8400 and schedule your consultation and appointment today.

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